Deputies start debate to regulate telework, with a wink from the CGT

The informative meetings called by the president of the commission, Vanesa Siley (Front of All), will begin today at 3:00 pm with the presence of representatives of the CGT and the two CTAs and the Foetra unions, Satsaid and Soeesit, among others.

Meanwhile, according to the schedule designed by the commission, the Minister of Labor, Claudio Moroni, is scheduled to attend tomorrow at 3 pm at a meeting in which the president of the Senate Labor Committee, Daniel Lovera (Front of All).

The 14 projects presented by deputies from various blocs seek to regulate working hours, the right to digital disconnection, written consent, equipment, compensation for expenses, right to privacy, security and hygiene, among other issues.

Faced with the expansion of teleworking by measures to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, the deputies seek to advance in a regulation to protect labor rights.

The initiatives were presented by the deputies of the Frente de Todos Walter Correa, Claudia Ormachea , Hugo Yasky, Facundo Moyano, Blanca Osuna, Eduardo Fernández, Silvana Ginocchio, Darío Martinez, Ayelén Sposito and Graciela Caselles, while four other projects correspond to the opponents Maximiliano Ferraro, Natalia Villa, Álvaro De Lamadrid and María Piccolomini.

The commission began a few weeks ago with advisory meetings to analyze the projects and the central themes of each initiative were compared.

Parliamentary sources anticipated that the commission's intention is to seek consensus to prepare a possible unified opinion, since, they said , the objective is to establish minimum legal budgets for regulation and leave the specific issues in m years of the Collective Labor Conventions.

The informative meetings will also have representatives of the Guild Association of Computing-Computer Workers (AGC), Senior Staff of Energy Companies (APSEE) and Argentine Workers of Contact Centers, Process Management and Teleworking (ATACC).

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