Crosses and chicanes between Cafiero and the opposition in Deputies

In that coming and going of questions and answers, the main crossings and chicanes of the day took place, between the head of the Cabinet and the legislators that make up Together for Change.

From the PRO, the deputy from Mendoza Omar de Marchi, demanded that Cafiero account for macroeconomic data such as inflation and he blurted out that “if he had complied with the Constitution, today would be the eighth time in coming to account. "

" Inflation from January to June was 13% and the projected deficit is 7.7%, "Cafiero replied to De Marchi and added:" all this information is contained in the budget expansion law that we send to Congress, read it. ”

He was also reprimanded for mentioning his visits to Congress and told him that eight months ago it was December and the government had just taken over. "In January and February we had just started and Congress almost did not work, in March the country was paralyzed by the pandemic and Congress closed, in April I sent my willingness to come, but it had to start with the Senate," he explained.

At the request of the radical legislator, Karina Banfi to express her opinion on the forced disappearance of the young man from Buenos Aires, Facundo Astudillo Castro, Cafiero indicated: "We are all looking for Facundo and we ask for justice. In this government we are not going to endorse or cover up any policeman who has been involved in his disappearance. ”

"We defend human rights, the President will not receive any policeman who shoots in the back," launched in clear reference to the Chocobar case, that visited President Mauricio Macri at Casa Rosada.

When answering a question about why the Anti-Corruption Office had stopped being a plaintiff in causes of corruption, Cafiero explained that these were cases in which the Public Prosecutor's Office was already complaining. In this sense, he added that during the macrismo the OA of Laura Alonso had stopped filing complaints in 44 cases.

In addition, he pondered the current head of the entity, the ex-prosecutor Félix Crous, of whom he said that he is a “well-man” who does not need anyone to defend his resume, nor to be “in love with the President”, in reference to Alonso, who once argued that “he could fall in love with Macri”.

It was the deputy of the PRO, Pablo Tonelli, who questioned him about the recently presented judicial reform, that he branded as "ambitious and expensive plan".

"The project that many they oppose and did not read aims to multiply federal courts and make justice more accessible to citizens, " replied Cafiero.

Finally, Cafiero made reference to the request of the PRO deputy, Waldo Wolff, to explain Argentina's position on Venezuela

“The way out of the crisis is in the hands of Venezuelans who have elections this year. Let's not be pedantic, let's hope that it develops in total peace. If there is a crisis in Venezuela, nobody is oblivious to that, "he explained. "Argentina is not going to promote any coup, nor self-assigned governments," said, regarding the position taken by the Macri government, after the coup in Bolivia.

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