Alberto on the protest in Cristina's house: It fosters the rift and damages that democratic coexistence

“Dissenting with a government is part of democracy. To mobilize, even with the risk that it implies in a pandemic, too ", he also explained before condemning the personalization of the protest.

Hours earlier, the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo "Wado" From Pedro and his Defense counterpart, Agustín Rossi, condemned the inclusion of the address of the vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner among the points of call for the opposition protest. [19659007] "It is very clear that they do not defend the Republic they do not respect the institutions, they are the prophets of hatred, " asserted the Chief of Cabinet through the social network Twitter, after repudiating " that the address of the vice president be disseminated as a point of protest. "

For his part, De Pedro warned that defending the Republic is not the objective of the opposition sectors that are calling for the march this afternoon because "they do not respect the institutions" and encourage their protest at the doors of the home of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

"Macrismo and Clarín call for a march in front of the home of Vice President @CFKArgentina. It is very clear that they do not defend the Republic or respect the institutions, they are the prophets of hatred ", wrote De Pedro in his account of the social network Twitter.

Both De Pedro and Cafiero included in their posts a note from the newspaper Clarín in which specifies the call points for the march, which include the address of the vice president.

Rossi, was another of the officials who added his rejection of the inclusion of the address of the vice president among the points of the protest called for 5 pm in the Buenos Aires Obelisk and different cities in the interior of the country, and which was claimed by opposition leaders.

"They left a country bankrupt, indebted, with high inflation. They lost the elections. The first time a President is not reelected, he could not even go to the second round. However, they have been leaving the caravan for 6 months, insult, assault and do not take care of anything, "Rossi evaluated on his Twitter account.

In this sense, he added:" Today, in addition, they call in front of the house of @CFKArgentina. Cowards and scoundrels. Call @PatoBullrich, @mauriciomacri, encourage @clarincom and @LANACION. They are the ones who want to undermine our government. The right goes to elections, loses and wants to obtain power by other means. "

In a thread that was retweeted by President Alberto Fernández, the Defense Minister lashed out at sectors of the opposition that" do not learn: In 2008 They stopped us in the country for 4 months, they cut routes, they insulted us. We were terminated "and added:" 3 years later CFK won with 54%. The same will happen. More hatred, more love, more corporations, more democracy, more reactionary right, more popular unity. "

Rossi also judged that in the opposition bloc there are those who" do not understand "that" for the Peronists, politics is the tool to improve the life of our people. And to do that you need power. That is our historical mission, it is our essence. That is why we are governing. "

" We are going to rebuild Argentina, despite the pandemic, the debt and the economic crisis that they left us. With the leadership of @alferdez, with the support of the majority and confronting the usual haters and destabilizers, "concluded Rossi.

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