According to the BCRA, the company that owns the helicopter found in Paraguay has irrecoverable debts

Faced with the non-payment of this debt, originated in February 2019, the Central Bank decided to classify the liability as " irrecoverable ", one of the worst credit ratings granted by the monetary entity. Likewise, Beech Flying records a total of 71 rejected checks for an amount of 7,512,329.57 pesos of which only 40.85 percent were paid.

Bank Central BCRA Mariano Fuchila

According to the BCRA, the company has a liability of 3,609. 000 pesos and bounced checks for a value of 7 million pesos.

Mariano Fuchila

The helicopter was found this Thursday along with eight other aircraft at the Arrayán aerodrome, located a little more than 20 kilometers from the city of Asunción, capital of Paraguay. According to the press of that country, all the findings were during a procedure led by agents Against Organized Crime of the Paraguayan National Police in conjunction with the Prosecutor's Office in charge of the prosecutor Marcelo Pecci .

After the news was released, former officials of the management of María Eugenia Vidal in the Buenos Aires governorate indicated that this helicopter " had been rented for Operation Sol 2019/2020 ", while they assured that since then they have been" housed in that hangar. "

The Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Sergio Berni also spoke on the subject and stated that the former members of the Provincial administration led by María Eugenia Vidal " they have to give explanations ".

" We do not have to give the explanation, but the owner of the company and above all else the ges Governor Vidal, who rented these helicopters, having those belonging to the Buenos Aires Police that could have been put into operation ", said the provincial official who also explained that it was a" very precarious "helicopter and that it would have practically no type of police function.

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