A68, the giant iceberg that threatens thousands of penguins and seals

Several thousand different species of penguins live there, alongside seals and albatrosses, and if the A68 maintains its drift speed, in 20 to 30 days it will reach the shallow waters around Georgia.

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The A68 breaks away and moves towards the Weddell Sea.

If the iceberg comes close to the island, it could affect the ability of the animals to feed their young and the number of penguins could be greatly reduced .

It could also alter the ecosystem of the seabed, which will take decades or centuries to reestablish .

Climate warming accelerated the shedding of icebergs in Antarctica, unleashing potentially devastating consequences for the abundant fauna present in the South Georgia which together with the Malvinas Islands and the South Sandwich are part of the sovereignty claim of our country d Due to the British presence.

The ABC of climate change

Evapotranspiration: Combined process of evaporation on the Earth's surface and transpiration of vegetation.

Rich countries fail to comply with their promises

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Fiji is one of the countries most affected by climate change.

Despite the promises made by the most developed countries, financing to support developing nations in the face of climate change is far from materializing at the expected levels .

According to the report of the Organization for Cooperation and Development Economic Development (OECD) reached about u $ s80,000 million in 2018, when in 2009 the rich countries pledged to raise the figure to at least u $ s100,000 million annual for 2020 .

The figure given to adapt to the impacts of global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions represents an increase of 11% compared to 2017, but the rate of increase was reduced compared to the previous year. Asia was the main beneficiary (43%), followed by Africa (25%) and the Americas (17%).

But even these amounts are questioned, since some controversial initiatives are considered as financing, such as the construction of a building for the simple fact of having solar panels.

New polar ship in action

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A new Polar ship that will have among its main objectives to investigate climate change in Antarctica headed to the open sea to begin tests before making its maiden voyage next year.

It is the research ship Named after veteran BBC naturalist David Attenborough, a state-of-the-art craft that cost about $ 260 million .

Arctic ice tests will be conducted before traveling to Antarctica in November of the year upcoming, and scientists say it will transform research in the polar regions.

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