A part of my heart stays in Argentina

"Exactly a year ago, Bolivia suffered one of the worst moments in its history, when, in complicity with the OAS, various power groups carried out a violent coup d'état in elections in which the MAS-IPSP had won fairly . In these circumstances, and to prevent these anti-democratic groups from attacking the majority of the people, I was forced to resign ", he begins.

And continues: " In those dramatic moments I received the solidarity of my brothers of the great homeland. Of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and of Argentina, brother Alberto Fernández. They did the impossible to get me out of Bolivia alive. Without their help, the story would be very different. "

Then, Evo Morales extends his gratitude to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, former Latin American presidents Lula, Dilma Rousseff, Fernando Lugo and Rafael Correa, among others, and to the presidents Mario Abdo, from Paraguay, Nicolás Maduro, from Venezuela; Miguel Díaz Canel, from Cuba and Daniel Ortega, from Nicaragua.

"Bolivia today recovered democracy at a very high cost due to the loss of lives. The wounded, the detained and unjustly persecuted and the suffering of thousands of families. We peoples have conquered and we must always stay united and alert ", he adds.

Finally, Evo closes: " Sisters and brothers, I say goodbye to you but a part of my heart remains in Argentina forever. I will not rest until a national agreement is reached so that, leaving aside regional and sectoral interests, it will take Bolivia out of the crisis. "

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