A key man of the AFIP M was, secretly, a member of the Bonadio and Pollicita court

A key man in the structure of the AFIP during the Cambiemos era was not only investigated and dismissed by Judge Claudio Bonadio in a case for internal information trafficking under fiscal secrecy, but at the same time he worked "on commission" for the court of the deceased judge, within the framework of sensitive cases, among others, “notebooks”. The data was whitewashed by Jaime Mecikovsky himself, former deputy director general of Internal Tax Operations and one of Elisa Carrió's swords within the collection agency. He established it in the administrative lawsuit that he initiated against the current AFIP authorities, who removed him from a custom-created unit, after the former president Mauricio Macri ordered to eject him, amid suspicions of the armed forces of “ folders ”with tax information of personalities linked to the former presidential family. The first link in the chain of irregularities that surrounded Mecikovsky was revealed by Ámbito, through the letter that Bonadio himself sent to Leandro Cuccioli requesting that he replace the official as his trusted man to carry out the investigation that pointed to Kirchnerism and businessmen for an alleged bribery scheme around public works. It is something forbidden in the functions of AFIP to choose which area or official should respond to the judicial requirements.

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