A 51-year-old woman is the second fatality in the Patagonia fires

"There are two fatalities, a rural worker who was found burned and a person who was admitted to the Bariloche hospital and who unfortunately died" said the minister in statements to the Télam news agency. [19659002] The first death was that of Sixto Garces (50), a rural laborer who was missing and was found burned last Friday with his horse and dog.

Meanwhile, the second victim The fatality known as "Maruca" was reported last night by the mayor of Lago Puelo, Augusto Sánchez, at a press conference.

Originally from Las Golondrimas, the deceased woman was the mother of a municipal worker in the transit area and had been hospitalized for several days in serious condition.

"The fire arrived very quickly, we did not have time for anything", said Jorge, a resident of Las Golondrinas, who lived next to Maruca's house

The man, who had a metal workshop, lost everything in the fire. "It was a family business that we had with my parents and my brothers that we had been with for years, everything was very fast, we did not have time for anything, if we did not go out we would burn ourselves," he said in statements to TN.

Meanwhile, the ten people who remained missing were found yesterday, according to Cabandié.

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