75% of private home workers are informal in the AMBA

Due to the different restrictions that exist in the Province of Buenos Aires, the urban region, which is still in phase 1, is the most affected for some 450 thousand workers.

Brassesco added that "although the dismissals and suspensions by decree of the national government, there have been dismissals without cause and for reasons of force majeure "

" There were changes in working conditions, for example, to a person who was doing tasks cleaning companies have changed the category, turning it into a caregiver so that they can go home, driving licenses have been tricked, there is a wide spectrum of abusive or fraudulent situations on the part of employers, "he pointed out.

For Upacp, in the city of Buenos Aires it is estimated that there are 65 thousand workers in private households and, of that total, only 30% are registered.

While in the Buenos Aires suburbs, 390 thousand, 25% corr properly registered and 75% in informality.

According to the survey "Paid domestic workers in Latin America and the Caribbean in the face of the Covid-19 crisis" of UN Women, domestic work supposes on average between 10 , 5% and 14.3% of the employment of women in the region and is the main job opportunity for gender.

What these numbers represent coincides with the report "Public Policies and Gender Perspective" of the National Directorate of Economy, Equality and Gender, which specified that of the total number of beneficiaries of the Emergency Family Income (IFE) 55.7% are women (among them, more than 272,000 private household workers).

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