4.2% sales of used cars recovered in September: which were the most sought after models

Alberto Príncipe, president of the entity, pointed out that "month after month the used car market is showing a rebound in its sales."

Likewise, after being closed for several months, sales in the sector did not will exceed 1,400,000 vehicles this year, 20% less than in 2019.

This will occur because in March, April and May, practically the stores were closed and about 230,000 units were lost from marketing, monthly average for those three months.

"If sales had followed their normal rhythm, the volume to be sold during the year would be in the same numbers as last year: 1,700,000 units," explained Príncipe.

A survey carried out by that entity at the The national market shows that despite the increase in sales there is a flattening in the market.

"There are not so many inquiries, both locally and online. That fury for buying has dropped especially in the interior, which was the what's up was pulling, "said Príncipe.

In contrast, the AMBA is returning, little by little, to pick up the rhythm.

The manager warned that" all this with the problem that worsens as the months pass through the lack of stocks in the agencies ".

" They are at the limit and there is no replacement. The lack of delivery of 0km cars and individuals who ask what the cars are not worth, make a combo too worrying for the sector, "he warned.

He said that the public continues to point to the purchase of pre-owned cars, but to specific models ranging from 2016 onwards.

He pointed out that profitability is another factor that worries: "When a car is sold, we do not know at what price we are going to replace it. The market is very uncertain despite the movement that is taking place, "said Príncipe.

Ranking of the 10 best-selling used in September:

VW Gol and Trend: 10,382

Chevrolet Corsa and Classic: 6,112 [19659003] Renault Clio: 4,377

Toyota Hilux: 4,095

Ford Fiesta: 3,850

Fiat Palio: 3,494

Ford Ka: 3,247

Ford Ranger: 3,243

Ford Focus: 3,227

Ford EcoSport: 3,186

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