37 years have passed since the return of democracy with the triumph of Alfonsín

"37 years ago Argentina recovered democracy in a hinge vote that ended the violence. Let us take care of democracy, defend social peace and the full validity of the institutions", said the head of the Interblock of Together for Change in the Chamber of Deputies, Mario Negri .

"In 1983, the Argentine people were finally able to vote and end the bloodiest civic / military dictatorship in our history," said the governor. de Santa Fe, Omar Perotti .

From the official account of the Radical Civic Union, they stated that "the ethical and democratic legacy of Raúl Alfonsín inspires us to build a better future for all Argentines" .

The Banking Association joined the messages by stating that "this October 30 we commemorate the Day for the Recovery of Democracy. The People achieved it, exercising their right to vote, after seven years of dictatorship a and genocidal repression of those who resisted it ".

The national deputy of the UCR Facundo Suárez Lastra stated for his part that" 37 years ago a hope was born. Today Argentina needs it again. The values ​​of Raúl Alfonsín are the reference, the possibility of change depends on us ".

Meanwhile, the mayor of Lanús, Néstor Grindetti stated that" 37 years ago, at the hand of Raúl Alfonsín, we Argentines were reborn again. 37 years ago we returned to live in a democracy and it is everyone's responsibility to take care of it today and always, so as not to lose it ever again. "

The neurologist Facundo Manes indicated that it is necessary to" propose ideas and projects avoiding the personalities. Guide and open paths. Build consensus. Add intelligences and wills. Take responsibility for decisions. Follow ideas, not men. "

The former Minister of Economy Ricardo López Murphy stated, for his part, that" 37 years ago we Argentines decided to change. Living in a democracy is a fundamental value, with freedom to choose our representatives. I dream of an Argentina that complies with the Constitution and respects the institutions. It is the way to have a future. "

The posts are accompanied by videos of the image of Raúl Alfonsín voting or speaking from the balcony of the Casa Rosada, and with images of the covers of newspapers of the time where he realized of the electoral triumph of the Radical Civic Union.

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