2020 Hot Sale postponed: what is the new date

"Yesterday after the announcements we had a meeting of the directive commission of the House where it was decided to postpone the event. It seemed to us that in a context in which it is being asked to minimize circulation, it was not conducive to promoting an event in which, although the purchase is virtual, involves a lot of physical, logistical, ordering activities, which was not going to be able to develop normally and was not going to be able to provide a level of service as appropriate "he commented Gustavo Sambucetti Director GoForEcommerce & Institutional Director CACE.

This is the second date change of the Hot Sale, which was originally due to take place in May and was initially moved to July 6,7 and 8, in the midst of the first stage of the preventive isolation ordered by the Government to moderate the advance of the coronarivus.

Now, after the new measures to tighten the quarantine in the metropolitan area, CACE decided to move the date of completion to July 27, 28 and 29.

"Given the situation linked to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, from the CACE Board of Directors we decided to reschedule the event to collaborate with the decrease collaborate in minimizing circulation, "said the head of the chamber, Alberto Calvo, in the statement issued by the entity.

The Hot Sale is considered an event that involves much more than the completion of online transactions, since 600 companies in the country prepare their sales, stocks and especially distribution system to be able to respond to the high demand that is normally generated on special discount days.

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