17-O: albertismo took a formal distance from the Moyano caravan but will stop doing

The twists and turns in this regard are typical of the imprint that the President imposed on his relationship with traditional trade unionism, with the attempt to remain an ally of all sectors, including those that rival each other as the "fat" of the great service unions and the trucker space. After the confirmation of the Trade Union Front for the National Model (Fresimona) that it will march with vehicles starting at 10 on Saturday from the mechanics union (Smata) to the Plaza de Mayo, yesterday it was the turn of "albertismo" to run off the authorship of the initiative.

“We proposed a virtual and remote mobilization for October 17. We are going to continue along these lines so that all the comrades participate from their place, ”the Chief of Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero told Radio Provincia about the act that will be broadcast from the CGT. The official admitted: “we would like to embrace each other in the celebration but we do not want to put our health at risk, with everything we do to take care of all Argentines.”

More exhaustive was the national deputy Eduardo Valdés, from the closest environment from the President, who warned that Alberto Fernández "does not agree" with the caravan organized by the Moyano union space. He even said that the president transmitted it in those terms to the truck driver at the lunch they held on Tuesday at the Casa Rosada, and that something similar was notified to Pablo Moyano by the Secretary of Strategic Planning, Gustavo Béliz, on Wednesday. Valdés was one of the shipowners of the virtual act of the CGT and is among those who prefer to safeguard the Executive's relationship with that organization.

The president of the national PJ, José Luis Gioja, also spoke. The San Juan leader clarified that the official call does not include “going out on the street on Saturday” and that although he likes “the idea” of doing it that way, he clarified: “we have to think about taking care of ourselves.”

How The Fresimona reported yesterday anyway with the assembly of a caravan that will have as protagonists the trucks of the Moyano union, the taxis of the recent incorporation of that space, Jorge García, replacing the retired Omar Viviani, and the groups that Miguel Bustinduy, a referent of the dissident line of the Unión Tranviarios Automotor (UTA), will contribute.

Near Moyano they minimized the public reprimands against the demonstration and hinted that Alberto Fernández chose to "allow" a demonstration that aims to strengthen it a string of protests and opposition flags in recent weeks. In addition to the meeting between the trucker leader and the president, his eldest son and lieutenant in the union, Pablo Moyano, on Wednesday he had two meetings with Béliz and Máximo Kirchner, with whom he spoke, among other topics, about tomorrow's caravan.

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