10.1% of porteños have antibodies against the coronavirus

The same survey will be repeated in such a way as to be able to make an analysis of the evolution over time. The next stage will begin in November.

The epidemiological analysis was carried out based on a statistical sample of 2,024 residents over 18 years of age, who were surveyed and tested between September 8 and October 18. The conclusions are a fundamental tool to estimate the immunity of the population against the coronavirus, the dimensions of the viral spread and evaluate the effectiveness of the health strategy. These are key points to create public policies based on scientific evidence, in order to contain COVID-19 in the Buenos Aires territory.

The seroprevalence in other cities

The ratio of cases detected in CABA over the total of people who have antibodies is encouraging compared to other cities in the world where an investigation of the same characteristics was carried out . Among them, we can highlight New York where they registered 1 in 10 infected people, both Geneva and Madrid had a ratio of 1 in 11 and São Paulo of 1 in 12. Similar results were obtained in the first seroprevalence study carried out by the GCBA in Barrio 31 throughout June. It was concluded that for each positive case there were 9 more neighbors who had antibodies against the disease.

Regarding the estimated seroprevalence in the total population, the City is at values ​​similar to Geneva ( 10.8%), San Pablo (11.4%), Madrid (11.7%), and significantly below New York which amounts to 22.7%. However, when reaching conclusions, it is necessary to consider the moment at which the research was carried out, the knowledge of the disease, and the development of the curve that had different characteristics in each place.

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