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The Perito Moreno glacier began its rupture process

The Perito Moreno Glacier began to filter water this Saturday, and "in two or three days" the rupture of the ice bridge formed between the Rico Arm and the Canal de los Témpanos could take place , a spectacle of nature that attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.

The bridge today caused a difference in height of the waters -one and the other side- of 13 meters, one of the largest that you can remember , reported the National Parks Administration and spokespersons of the Los Glaciares National Park.

The "rupture" of the glacier can not be predicted accurately because the phenomenon shows special characteristics, to the point that the dam is not formed every year -this will be the fourth time since 2000- and the rupture usually occurs only at the end of summer, no matter how hot it is in the summer season of that year.

The dam was formed last August but until this morning there was no There were leaks so the break was unpredictable, but the spokespersons agreed that "the leak will not take more than two or three days".

The information was delivered to Telam by spokesmen of the Administration of National Parks but originated in Los Glaciares National Park, whose experts denied leaks in February and now announced them.

From this information and waiting for the rupture, thousands of tourists and scientists from around the world surely they will go to the second largest national park in Argentina, by affluence of visitors, behind the Iguazu Falls: they reach 1.5 million visitors per year, against the million that visit the National Park of the southwest of the province of Santa Cruz.

The first rupture of this century occurred in March 2004, and the next in the same month of 2006. The third occurred a year ago. every, in 2008, but in July. Another one was also produced in 2012. The previous rupture, in 2016, occurred when the separated part, the Brazo Rico, had reached 10.50 meters, a level that had not been exceeded since the break in 1988, when it reached 19 meters

The glacier, one of the few in the world that does not recede but advances, forms a dam with the Magallanes peninsula and turns the Brazo Rico into a lake. This produces a difference in height in the waters of both mirrors, although this year exceeded 13 meters is not the biggest historical difference.

With the passage of time, the water of the Rico Brazo crosses the dam below and forms an ice bridge more than 70 meters high and 250 meters long that balances the levels, and finally the enormous block of ice sustained in the air collapses.

The glacier, with the passage still open, it produces thunderous falls of frontal ice block. This generates foam and a sound that is heard hundreds of meters from the place in the middle of the Patagonian forest.

Before the imminent rupture, Los Glaciares National Park announced a security operation to protect the integrity of visitors: it will not be possible to staying at night in the place and the last viewing time of the glacier is at 20, even on Sunday.

The income for the Argentines is 40 pesos, the citizens of Mercosur pay 70 and the rest of the world 100 pesos.

The gate to the park will be open from 8 to 18 from Monday to Friday and on weekends from 7 to 18, while "the media interested in covering the phenomenon must request authorization in the Park Information Center " Each will have "a specific place", which will not include the lower walkway.

Visitors must leave their vehicles in the "lower parking lot", and from there they will be climbed in combis to the top to enjoy the glacier at this time.

Private providers of tourism services may reach the upper parking lot, always with guides, after which they must go down to wait for their guests, they said in a statement.

The toilets will be available in the upper parking lot and in the Rest of the Glacier, but you will not be able to access the Lower Balcony, almost a few meters from the ice, for safety.

The statement detailed that in the area work personnel of the National Gendarmerie, the Naval Prefecture Argentina, a private company and the park rangers.

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