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The keys of the Gabriel case, the boy found dead in Níjar | Spain

Ana Julia, on the car, at the time of the arrest. ATLAS

The body of the child Gabriel Cruz of eight years, was found last Sunday day March 11 by the Civil Guard twelve days after his disappearance in the town of Las Hortichuelas in Almería, in Níjar (Almería). The father's partner, Ana Julia Quezada, was arrested while carrying the body in the trunk of the car. The autopsy has concluded that Gabriel was strangled on February 27 the same day he disappeared. These are the keys to the case with a tragic outcome.

How did Gabriel disappear? Gabriel Cruz Ramírez, aged eight, disappeared last Tuesday, February 27. The boy was passing the bridge of the Day of Andalusia in the house of his grandmother, where he used to go weekends and holiday periods, in the town of Hortichuelas (Almería). From the Government Delegation in Andalusia said that Gabriel left the house of his grandparents at three thirty in the afternoon, although the disappearance was not reported until eight in the afternoon.

Who is the main suspect? 19659008] Ana Julia Quezada 43 years old, of Dominican origin and partner of Ángel, father of Gabriel. The woman was supposedly with the boy's grandmother, Carmen, the afternoon he disappeared. She is very knowledgeable about the area since she worked for a long period in a bar in the neighboring hamlet of Las Negras. The Civil Guard watched her closely for a few days. She was the one who found the only clue to the child, a shirt of the child. That finding, rather than misleading the researchers, placed the focus squarely on it, since the area had already been traced previously. Last Sunday, just before she was arrested, Quezada went to a farm owned by the family, where the investigators observed how she pulled the body of the child wrapped in a blanket from a well and placed it in the trunk of the vehicle. Research sources believe that she acted alone.

"It was not me, I took the car this morning." Those were the words that Quezada pronounced when she was arrested in the town of La Puebla de Vícar by the Civil Guard agents. The time of the arrest was recorded by a neighbor. Later, she was taken to the Command of the Civil Guard of Almería. On the morning of Monday, agents of the Scientific Police and the Judicial Police have gone to the family property to carry out a record of the same, in the town of Rodalquiar, where the body of Gabriel was hidden. Quezada has been conducted after three in the afternoon and, accompanied by investigators, have traveled several places on the farm to reconstruct the facts.

How the child died? The autopsy performed on the small Gabriel has revealed that he died strangled on the same day of the disappearance, as sources of the investigation have pointed out. The body had traces of land at the time it was found.

Where has Gabriel's ardent chapel been installed? After the body was moved to the Institute of Legal Medicine of Almeria on the afternoon of Sunday the Provincial Palace of the Diputación de la Ciudad announced that it would host the ardent chapel of the minor. The Provincial Institution, in coordination with the relatives of the child, has organized a public wake that has opened its doors at 5:00 pm on Monday. Hundreds of people waited outside for the opening of the chapel. The mass will be celebrated on Wednesday morning (at 10:30 am) in the Almeria cathedral. "The family wants to share with the people of Almeria and the rest of the citizens of the country their gratitude for the signs of affection received," the council has published in a statement. For its part, the mayor of Vícar, Antonio Bonilla, convened at noon a concentration in memory of the child. In Seville, Felipe VI has kept a minute of silence in homage to Gabriel in his visit to a conference on the first day of the Andalusian Digital Week.

Where was the trace of the child lost? According to the statements of the mother, the child lost track when he went to play at the house of relatives that is about 100 meters from his grandmother, in Hortichuelas, in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Níjar.

When did the parents realize his disappearance? The parents of Gabriel did not notice the child's absence until six in the afternoon, when he had been missing for about three hours. Both were convinced that he had arrived at the house of his relatives. The mother said that Gabriel could not be confused because he knew the area well and remembered that the road he used to travel to go from the relative's house to the house of his cousins ​​(close to his friends) did it running and without delay more than 30 seconds, so it was not explained that in such a short journey the trail had been lost.

What was the key clue to solve the case? Saturday, March 3, at the last minute of the day, Gabriel's father (Angel Cruz) and his girlfriend found a white undershirt in the area of ​​the Las Águilas ravine treatment plant, in the neighborhood of Las Negras, about 3.5 kilometers from the place where He lost track of the child. The parents claimed that the garment belonged to their son and, subsequently, the DNA tests confirmed that the shirt belonged to Gabriel . The behavior of the woman also aroused the agents' suspicions, as she claimed to have lost her mobile phone several times during the 12 days of the search. Ana Julia expressed her condolence before the media.

"He, voluntarily, does not go alone to the mountain." Gabriel's parents discarded from the beginning that his son had gone alone in the bush because he was not a child who did crazy things and was very obedient. The parents said that the relationship between them is "excellent" and that they are "united" even though they have been separated for years.

Gabriel's mother asks for "calm" after finding her son's body. In a statement to Onda Cero this Monday, Patricia Ramírez, Gabriel's mother, has asked that "rabies be abandoned in memory of her son". " In honor of pescaíto (as Gabriel is familiarly called), let no one talk about this woman anymore, let her appear nowhere and let no one retweet any rage", ] in reference to the arrest of Ana Julia Quezada, the main suspect in the death of the child. On Quezada has also said "pay what you have to pay with justice." In addition, Ramírez thanked all those who have "helped find Gabriel." "Faith and good deeds have come from all sides and have brought out the best in people."

Did the family offer a reward of 10,000 euros? Ángel Cruz made a statement published a couple of days after the disappearance of his son in the one that informed that there was a remuneration of 10,000 euros for who offered any type of information that would help to find the whereabouts of the minor. The amount was contributed by a group of relatives and friends of the parent.

Have there been other arrests? On the morning of Friday, March 2, the Ministry of the Interior announced the arrest, by the Civil Guard , of a man (Diego FA) for breaking the order of estrangement he had from the mother of Gabriel Cruz . On Saturday, March 3, a magistrate ordered his entry into prison. Patricia Ramírez had denounced him for harassment long ago and a judge had ruled an order of removal of 100 meters against him. The alarm on the wristband device that the researcher was carrying jumped the same day the child disappeared. The judge ordered the man in custody, aged 42.

How is the area where the disappearance occurred? The search scope of the small Gabriel was set at six kilometers and was extended to 12 in certain points. They went back to revise places like the ravine of the Eagle and the vicinity of the treatment plant of Las Negras, whose rafts were explored by divers of the Civil Guard and in whose environs the inner white t-shirt of the minor was found. It is a very familiar area of ​​summer farmhouses in which there are not many people at this time of year. In the place there are no public places, such as bars or shops, only residential neighborhoods. Sources of the armed institute pointed out that it was "strange" that "nobody could see or hear anything".

A past under suspicion of the principal investigator. The story of more than 20 years in Spain of Ana Julia Quezada begins to be investigated, and in that period there is a fact that the National Police is reviewing with magnifying glass: the death of a four-year-old girl in Burgos -the former place of residence of Ana Julia- to which the woman took care with another two-year-old girl. According to some neighbors of the Burgos family she worked for, the girl fell through a window. The woman was not suspected of an event that closed as an "accidental death."

The Dominican Republic manifests its most "profound repudiation." The Caribbean Government has expressed "its deepest regret and profound repudiation" by the Gabriel's assassination, according to a document released last Sunday to which Europa Press has had access. In it, it is highlighted that the event "has shaken the Dominican community residing in Spain, which has followed the case very closely".


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