This throwback mashup video of famous Pakistani songs will make your day!

It was a typical day at work as I scrolled down my newsfeed mindlessly. A cluster of memes and countless pictures and videos passed right before my eyes before I stopped at one.

Being an avid music lover, I just had to watch this video which claimed to be a small tribute to the Pakistani music icons from the likes of the legendary Alamgir and Junaid Jamshed to Amir Zaki and going right down to Sajjad Ali.

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And once I played the video, I knew I could not stop. This four minute mashup had me hooked and I could not hit the stop button.

The mashup itself is quite extraordinary, as every song selected is a masterpiece on its own. The video comprises three guys sitting in a car with just the right moves to make the video much more groovy entertaining to watch.

The Chai Sutta Show was back yet again with another masterpiece and we are in absolute awe!

Starting from Alamgir’s famous hit number Dekha Na Tha to EP’s Kahan Hai Tu (good times when Fawad used to blow us away with his brilliant voice), the mashup also includes songs from Junaid Jamshed, Nazia Hasan, ahem.. Adnan Sami… ahem, Strings, Abrar ul Haq, Junoon, Jal, Aawaz, Jawwad Ahmed, Fuzon, Noori, Karvaan, The Call, Ahmed Jahanzeb and many more.

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Watch the video here:

The Chai Sutta Show guys talked to The Express Tribune on how the idea for the video came about. “The idea for the video is one that has been done by many before us,” they quipped.

“Even though some might believe we’re ‘copying’ the concept but it’s just something we liked and wanted to do for Pakistan because we loved the millennial generation music industry and we wanted to give it respect through this tribute,” they went on to say.



On their absolute favourites of the music industry, they asserted, “How can we select one favourite out of such brilliant songs? Of course some musicians and singers cannot be compared to others but we appreciate them all equally for their very existence.”

Laughing wildly, they added that due to the time restrain they couldn’t add all the songs or include the artists they wanted to, “We missed a few great songs but if we tried to accommodate everyone that we liked we wouldn’t have been able to finish the video.”

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So, if they had to compare the veteran musicians to the singers of this age and century, how would they?

“Well to put it simply you can’t. But that is what we want to bring to light. The issue is, it is the very same industry isn’t it? So how can there be such a vast difference in competence and recognition? The music industry today is not comparable because those responsible for taking care of it have corrupted it. When our artists are killed or pass away we don’t probe into the problem enough; when our artists struggle with finances we know that the problem stems from those who aren’t paying them… but who will rectify the matter?”  they said.

“So to answer the question… we are not and simply cannot produce artists when there is no support for them in this day and age,” they added.

The Chai Sutta Show group comprises three friends, Bassam Shazli, Muhammad Babar Jaffree and Junaid Malik.

“We are  great friends and are always willing to improve our content. We will hopefully never quit what all three of us are passionate about,” they concluded.

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