The University

The chic facade promised reception Like building, a small presentation of my course of study is required!

Harper Adams University has therefore opened in 1901 and is now relatively well known for its various courses applied in agriculture, food chain management and food marketing in outline.
The framework of study is really the most ideal, with teachers listening and small class sizes for the postgraduate level (from BAC +4 for us, the fifth year after high school for English). We are for example some fifteen for entomology curriculum.
All this at a cost, and perhaps this is the one big downside of the table. Only tuition fee is in fact more than £ 8,000, add to that housing, food and activities (nothing is free) and it becomes difficult to hold a year without external support. My European door neighbors and I are in some measure grateful to Brexit this aspect
Apart from Erasmus, there are a few available scholarships and it is advisable to take a look as soon as possible because some of them close their registration at the beginning of the year while being able to offer up to several thousand euros. The most interesting for the master of entomology is surely that of the Royal Entomological Society.
The entomology master itself is the representative of the last course of the kind still standing for the whole of Europe! I excluded the non-French speaking or training, it seems that we can find something for example in the Netherlands but it is a different story … unless of Nordic blood, n ‘unfortunately not my case
I invite you to visit this page which traces the courses taken for entomological training in the “Course Structure” Yes … it sends heavy! I’ll try to bring you the best of each module and some intriguing anecdotes about our tiny friends I can glean current
I come back to you shortly to get into the thick of it!