Stephen Hawking against fake news: “We are in the midst of a revolt against the experts’


“We are in the midst of a global revolution against the experts’: Stephen Hawking expressed himself as follows about the era of the fake news that we are living. By participating in distance to a Hong Kong conference, the audience voiced his disappointment at the fact that politicians and important personalities do not take into account the views of the scientists on the facts.

According to astrophysicist, in the era of false news it would be even more difficult to untangle why this has come just when the world is having to deal with issues such as climate change and deforestation. “But the answers to these problems will be by science and,” Technology has said, as if to emphasize the sacred role of these two disciplines.

It is not the first time Hawking outside his skepticism towards the way of living and thinking of his contemporaries. In particular, as reported by Live Science, he expressed particular concern about the convictions of President Donald Trump on climate change. The “global revolution against the experts” we are witnessing is, according to astrophysicist, just accentuated by Trump and phenomena such as Brexit. The solution may be to rely on the science and to those who hold the knowledge. This way, you avoid the worse of some situations: “Climate change is one of the greatest dangers to mankind – he said – but we can prevent it.”