Scientific Trust or Not?

Europeans (E27) tend not to trust the scientists whose work is financially dependent on the industry
When analyzing the influence of the private investors in research, we find that the Europeans rely on independent research. Approximately 3 / 5th of them feel they can no longer trust the scientists appears in a scientific or technological problem and 16% of them disapprove strongly.
Some are strongly opposed (Cyprus 72%). In Finland, Germany and Slovenia, 7 / 10ths of respondents disapprove, France 66%, which is much higher than the average of 27 (58%)
Few countries still trust scientists financially related to industrial.
Ireland (36%) and 5 other countries have less than 50%: Malta (41%), Czech Republic (45%), Turkey (46%), Poland (48%) and UK (49%).
This issue of trust is key in any relationship between the public, patients, therefore, with concern us, eaters, food industry and scientists are sought, be they doctors, practitioners, researchers or institutional balance to a ministry or another.
To rebuild trust, common sense is the best agents. Say little but just and on balance is a strategy that all of us must prioritize.