pizza, sushi and burger top of the orders

After another year of strong growth in 2017, the best of the most ordered dishes retains its classics. But new trends are emerging

And the winner is … pizza! In the leader of the delivery of meals at home Allo Resto, which references more than 5000 restaurants in the Hexagon, this dish arrived at the top of the orders of 2017. In this list, the Italian specialty is followed by sushi and burger.

"Last year, the pizza exceeded the sushi, says Gilles Raison, the boss of Allo Resto. It's quite normal: all over the world, it's the most home-cooked dish. The French market has a special feature: the huge appeal of sushi, which is much lower in other European countries. As for pizza, four cheeses are the most popular. But Allo Resto's top 10 reflects the variety of offerings and tastes: seven of the ten most popular dishes are Indian and Asian specialties.

As for dessert, Italian cuisine still prevails with tiramisu. Big new and stronger growth last year (+ 1800%): the "Poke Bowl", a preparation from Hawaii mainly composed of fish and vegetables. The platform references a hundred specialized restaurants. "It's the 2017 revelation in France," says Gilles Raison. Its success will continue in 2018. "Other new trends: chicken, African cuisine and tacos.

Breakfast Delivered

Deliveroo's British competition also featured Hawaiian cuisine and vegan dishes. But it is the burger, which "by far", remained the most ordered. It must be said that the platform has focused on a wide range of "premium" burger, much sought after. His best off in Paris: the "Bartholomew" (with beef and raclette of the Alps) from Big Fernand

Since the end of 2015, the delivery of meals at home has grown dramatically. Gilles Raison talks about a global market of 2.4 billion euros, for 2017. He is confident because "the share of orders on the Internet remains a minority". It is 30% in France, while in the United Kingdom, less than half of orders are now made by telephone.

After Paris, all platforms rely on the regions. They are also looking to expand delivery schedules. At Deliveroo, breakfasts in the office have found their audience: orders have increased by more than 162% in 2017. But the bulk of business continues to be done in the evening: 75% at Allo Resto, for two people (50 %) and especially on Sundays. "In conclusion, in 2017, the French preferred to order pizzas for their Sunday evening romantic dinners", summarizes Allo Resto …

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