Ikea extends paternity leave to 5 weeks

In addition to the 11 days provided for legally, the Swedish group has announced the addition of 14 additional days paid in full. This leave may be taken on one or more occasions until the child is 2 years old.

While Ikea France is suspected of having organized a vast system of espionage towards its employees and its clients, the Swedish group announced on Jan. 10 a major breakthrough in gender equality. The company wants to allow its employees to extend the paternity leave to 5 weeks, adding an additional 14 days to the 11 days already legally provided in France. This leave, paid 100%, can be taken in one or more times until the 2 years of the child, says the company on its website.

"With this agreement, we want to give a chance to all employees, regardless of the family configuration in which they live, to be able to take care of their child," the statement said, noting that this "is part of our Swedish corporate culture, which recognizes both the position of the mother and the father in the care and upbringing of children."

First European country to introduce parental leave in 1974, Sweden currently offers 480 days, including 60 days for mother and father. The remaining 360 days are to be shared between both parents. In France, in addition to the three-day birth holiday, the paternity leave lasts 11 consecutive calendar days, or even 18 days if it is a multiple birth. A situation denounced by more and more men and women and which was recently the subject of a petition, while barely 5% of French fathers would have voluntarily benefited from this device in 2015.

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