Google employees served with the ‘Android burger’

With the hamburger debate dominating Google’s headlines, the company has found an interesting way to address the issue.

Employees of the Technology giant were served with an ‘Android burger’ on Friday.

The debate initially started when an individual named Thomas Baekdal tweeted out the misplacement of the cheese in Google’s hamburger logo whereas the cheese was placed on the bun instead of the patty.

It caused a mass outcry on Twitter leading to Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO reply saying that he was going to “drop everything” and address this concern.

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He certainly did address the issue by sticking to the order seen in the logo. Google’s office in Seattle was served with a hamburger called ‘Android burger” where the cheese was melted on top of the bun instead of the patty.

While the laughter continues, there are now some genius answers to this debate too.

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Cheese on bun or on patty, it looks mouthwatering regardless. Google must have better and more important decisions to take as the emoji exists as it always did.

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