Don’t Panic When You Install The ISO Of Apple 10.3

It will take patience, lots of patience. If you have an iPhone and soon will install the iOS version 10.3, then know that it will be a very slow process. This was revealed by the site AppleInsider, who has experienced the installation.

Despite the new version weights only 60 Mb, you have to wait up to 50 minutes for your iPad 2 terms the process, the iPhone 5 and 5C. But by AppleInsider comes a warning: Do not interrupt the installation, even if the progress bar seems to always stops. The risk, in fact, is to damage the device.

But what causes this slowdown? At the Apple File System (APFS), or the new operating system that will replace HFS +, on the run since 2007. The prolonged waiting time, then, has its positive counterpart: an Apple device more functional and efficient. The game is worth the candle.

A minor inconvenience, that of IOS 10.3 slowness, which for Steve Jobs fans of the brand will be more than offset further from the iPhone’s 8, eagerly awaited, not only in the States. It will not be this, then, that will make people fall out of love of Apple.