Cancers and Its Misconceptions

Please forgive me this shortcut, but I always find a lot of close ideological perception between politics and health.
Misconceptions, received and anchored are absolutely indelible; public health officials as charlatans govern using percentage and these, one can express everything.
“My fries have 30% less fat” and we understand that it is fried in water and they are in fact largely unmanageable and commendable.
For cancer incidence, it is a little similar: no, cancers are becoming more common. Between 2005 and 2012, the proportion (TSM) of men who develop cancer has decreased; that of women has stabilized. (National Cancer Institute – January 2017).
However, if you have the impression of seeing many more cancer patients than before, it’s just because you get older and that cancer occurs mostly on organizations of a certain age.
Come on! Go home without fear that the sky falls on your head.