Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize for Suspicion


NOBEL PRIZE – Bob Dylan will receive the medal and diploma of his Nobel Prize for literature on Saturday or Sunday in Stockholm, announced on Wednesday 29 March the perpetual secretary of the Swedish Academy Sara Danius.

“The Swedish Academy and Bob Dylan have agreed to meet this weekend” in Stockholm where the American singer must give a concert, Sara Danius wrote on her blog. This will be done in a small committee and in private, and no media will be present. ”

The winner had long planned two concerts in the Swedish capital Saturday and Sunday evening. But he had hitherto made a mystery of his intentions towards the Academy.

“This will be done in a small committee and in private, and no media will be present, only Bob Dylan and academicians will be present, in accordance with Dylan’s wishes,” said Sara Danius.

One question remains unresolved: the reception speech, also called the “Nobel lesson”, which every laureate must make within six months of the award ceremony, ie before 10 June. It will not be for this time yet.

Will Bob Dylan do without the € 839,000 bonus?

“No Nobel speech will be delivered, and the Academy has good reason to believe that a recorded version will be sent at a later date,” Sara Danius said.

If he does not make a speech or produces a recording by June 10, Bob Dylan will not receive the eight million kroons (839,000 euros) offered with the prize, which is mandatory.

“Recorded Nobel lessons are given from time to time, the latest of which was the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature Alice Munro in 2013,” recalled Sara Danius. The Canadian novelist had not been able to make the trip to Sweden because of too fragile health, at 82 years.

Stockholm is the first date of a European tour of Bob Dylan, 75, on the occasion of the release of a triple album of covers of Frank Sinatra.

On 10 December, at the traditional Nobel banquet in Stockholm, he conveyed a speech of thanks, read by the American ambassador to Sweden, where he expressed his astonishment at seeing his name alongside those of authors like Rudyard Kipling , Albert Camus or Ernest Hemingway.