Better than Pixter, you Die

You’ll probably already noticed: almost all the photos of this blog were taken by me.
I thus take this opportunity to share with you the equipment I use: my phone! Embedded technology in smartphones now can produce quality images as long as the brightness is sufficient and the subject too excited … Not always obvious to our friends arthropods but it suits most of the time.
* A wild product placement appears * I and my torque sensor 8MP with an exceptional accessory: a macro lens produced by the French manufacturer Pixter.
This is by far the best buy I could do to my phone!
Small problem, the depth of field is very short and the subject must be about 1cm from the lens, or even within the transparent plastic space … not ideal but it works wonders with quiet and not insects too big
EDIT: a new version a little more expensive recently saw the day with a slightly longer focal length that would take macro shots with more perspective. The magnification is so low but the increased depth of field should facilitate larger insects immortalization or moving.