Bad News, Santa Claus

That was long ago, but this ratio increased slightly perceived, see unnoticed … yet it affects us all, and especially our children, especially when they are small.
This is an assessment of our national ANSES (you know? This organization is responsible for overseeing the dangers that surround us, and suggest solutions through their recommendations).
It was electromagnetic radiation and health. So all the waves that are on the street or in the fields (near the high and medium voltage, low frequency fields from transmission and distribution of electricity, and radio frequency fields from sources of radio and television), and all those which are within the walls: all remote gaming, radio and TV, screens … mobile communication including all household appliances that emit radiation. These emitting devices, some are specifically for children when they are small: radio-controlled toys, sleep-babies, monitoring devices, walkie talkies or communicating robots.
The mobile phone is probably the one that is most threatening, glued to their ears often for several hours a day. But also, tablets, we gladly entrust children to have peace!
A small child has therefore suffered, unlike his mother, exposure in utero, at birth, then very close to it since it will handle all of these sources.
A first assessment took place in 2009 and 2013 and 2015.
What is shocking in this case is that the laptop manufacturers have conducted assessments electromagnetic balloons folds sugar water to simulate … possible effect on a body of water like ours. It’s much easier to carry out these tests, rather than go through an ethics committee would not agree to such testing on a human, but only on animals. Although quieter too, to test the effect on sugar water instead of its living organisms.
The Agency assessed the valuation methods, and recommends that reference levels to limit environmental exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields (related to distant sources) be reconsidered to ensure sufficiently large safety margins to protect the health and safety of the general population, especially those of children.
Regarding exhibitions near field induced by the use of devices
mobile communications, the Agency considers it necessary to reassess the appropriateness of the specific absorption rate (SAR) used for the establishment of limit values exposure of persons for purposes of protection
against the health effects known and proven (thermal effects) of radio frequencies; and develop a representative indicator of the real exposure of users of
mobile phones, whatever the conditions: signal used, good
or bad reception, method of use (call, data loading,
etc.). To limit children’s exposure to electromagnetic fields.
The results of the expertise incite ANSES to recall the recommendation made in its opinion issued in October 2009 (Radio frequency – updated expertise on RF) and October 2013 (radiofrequency and health – update expertise), inviting to reduce children’s exposure to radiofrequency energy from the phone.
What is expected?
Dead or morons?
It is being …