And what do the voters of Trump say?

In a week, the President of the United States, in concretizing his “America first” campaign slogan, went to the back, apparently the entire planet, especially with its anti-Muslim decree. Even within the country courts are playing safeguards to limit what mostly worries Democratic opponents, and a fringe of the Republicans described as moderate (almost all the press in the world).
But this spectacle recalls in an almost hallucinatory way the atmospheres in which these circles of the planetary village have sunk, and which have manifested themselves three times: The first time when Trump presented himself to the elections, the second time when he won the ” The Democratic nomination and the last time when he was elected. And that repeats itself.
Without wishing to defend this president or his politics or anything, he must draw the attention of all those who utter cries of orfracy with each signature of a decree in the oval office of the White House that The voice of those who elected this president is absent.
Did you ask these red neck to this middle middle white middle class who voted Trump and upset the media expectations of the whole world: “What do she think of these decrees? ”
The question is worth asking because these atmospheres we have known during the long electoral period, when the media and analysts did not take the trouble to look at these layers of American society. And the surprise was great when the results fell.
Another subsidiary question in the exclamatory form should be asked: “What if these voters had elected this president to do what he is doing? “.
Indeed as during the election period there is no media spectrum that sweeps these layers to listen to them and have their reactions to this policy announced during the campaign by the candidate Trump and implemented in the first week.
The American media and in their wake the media of the whole world make as if all the American people is revolted by this policy! This reminds one of the echoes of the electoral campaign in which the media did not at all envisage either the appointment of Trump as the candidate of the elephant party or his subsequent election.
The electors of Trump shouted during the election campaign slogans and proposals that are not too far from what these decrees include.
Speaking of an impeachment, as Robert Kuttner writes this morning in his blog of the Huffington Post, it is a bit of a go.
Since the defeat of Hilary Clinton, the media have been giving arguments to the voters of Trump, who wrongly accuse these media and the establishment of having supported the candidate, distributing biased information.
These Trump decrees are in line with the promised policy as a candidate, this decree on the nationals of seven countries that has raised a worldwide storm and brought down hundreds of thousands of protesters in the streets, this decree will reinforce the voters Of Trump in their convictions that the establishment and the media, did not swallow the defeat of Clinton. For these voters it is a conspiracy, and there is something to concretize their convictions.
Indeed, these seven countries, named in the famous decree, were the subject of a decree signed by … the outgoing president Barack Obama, without raising any protest, for the press did not mention it.
It is a fact that the Obama administration has redefined the conditions of entry of people who have stayed in these seven countries: Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Libya and Yemen. “Because they are hostels of foreign fighters”. Before entering the United States, they had to undergo further examination. It is a decree signed on February 18, 2016, prohibiting the entry of US territory to nationals of seven countries “until the federal government improves its ability to detect the entry of potential terrorists. ”
It is true that the Obama administration did not completely prohibit the entry of US territory to these travelers, did not designate their religion, but left a certain interpretation regarding travelers holding a residence permit, Famous green card, since the decree designates “persons who have stayed in these seven countries”.
The decree of Trump is immoral, especially when it made an exception for the Christians of these countries, which highlighted its Islamophobia. But the decree signed by Obama was ignored at the time.
The American press realized Obama’s decree and wanted to clear it by insisting on the absence of the Islamic and refugee elements of this decree (click here), which reinforces the voters of Trump in their belief that the media are Decided to reverse the results of the presidential election.
Even a Survey, carried out before the famous decree, confirms that “57% of Americans are in favor of a Donald Trump anti-immigration decree”, it is true that the question posed to the respondents may seem oriented because the decree was not And that its release after the decree failed to mention this fact, but this rate speaks volumes about the Americans’ mood with regard to immigration, especially among Donald Trump’s supporters. Approval rate climbs up to 82% among voters. Impeachment is far from the order of the day, the Constitution makes it possible only in case of serious crime against the American people, which is Far from being the case. Morality can not be a ground for dismissal. Added to this, Senators and Republican deputies who have a focus in an election in two years look rather towards the electors of Trump to be elected. These voters who are left in the shade who are silent as long as their idol does the job.