Farewell to Primaires in France

Whether left or right or even among ecologists, the primaries proved to be sterile. This exercise imported from the United States did not produce leadership, none of the candidates chosen by the primary ballot boxes were able to impose themselves, and all see their program, if not their candidature challenged. Disregarding his signature, his public speech, and his declaration on honor, Francois de Rugy rallied to Emmanuel Macron, in the name of so-called coherence. Yet de Rugy had pledged to support the winner of the ballot of the left in this case Benoît Hamon. Sylvie Pinel competing in the same primary, signing the same commitments refuses to recognize Hamon as the winner and to support him. The finalist Manuel Valls expresses his “worry” about the winner’s campaign and, after a wily and maliciously highlighted absence, comes back to challenge the choices of the candidate of his Socialist party and denounce its program. A whole group of socialists denies the winner of the primaries: Jean-Marie Le Guen excludes to grant its sponsorship to the winner of the socialist primary. Christophe Caresche and other valleys, all shame drunk, join Emmanuel Macron, whose program is close to the program of their defeated hero. So these politicians participated in a primary by effectively concealing their intention not to conform to the results of this race if these results do not conform to their desires. On the right, there are other reasons of probity and honesty that push the Republicans to contest their champion winner of the primary of the right and the center. The virulence of the attacks that it undergoes shows that these primaries are of no use! Even the Ecology-Les-Verts primary school in Europe, won by Yannick Jadot, was disappointing for the ecological voters because the hero withdrew in favor of the socialist Hamon … without consulting his base. And one wonders why the people no longer believe in the word of politicians.